The GPWA has just completed our first webmaster retreat! It was such a success that we have decided to begin planning for our second retreat next year. 16 of our lucky members were able to attend the inaugural event at no cost to them, it was held at the Mohegan Sun Spa Resort and Casino in Connecticut, U.S.A.

Due to some last minute snags, 4 members who had planned on attending the event were unable to. Problems with US customs were among the issues that were encountered. Crossing requirements appear to have become less consistent since the events of 9/11. For future reference, any Canadians planning on traveling to the US, should be prepared to present a valid passport as simple ID is no longer adequate.

During the planning phase in excess of 25 members were expecting to attend. Unfortunately, due to the general atmosphere of current U.S. legislation and the unfortunate timing of the well publicized Attorney General ‘crackdown’ in St. Louis, Mo., quite a scare resounded through the industry and our organization. The result was a decline in attendees as well as some of the sponsors. The GPWA event was entirely FREE for GPWA members to attend; they only had to pay for travel expenses.
This was indeed quite an undertaking, and had never been attempted by anyone for similar events within the industry.

Our event raised $14,800 from the event sponsors, with total costs coming to around $17,100; the difference was made up from our operating fund which is generated by ALL of our sponsored forums.

A heart felt THANK-YOU to everyone one who contributed to this ground breaking event! Your participation and commitment to our industry is unshakeable, and comforting to all of us here at the GPWA.

Once again, we would like to extend our many thanks to the many generous sponsors of the retreat and making it all happen for us, you guys truly are the best!

“Working Together To Put the Odds in "All" of Our Favor”