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    Default Money Making (Though Out of Date) Network + Aff Accounts for Sale


    It has been 13+ years since my poker / casino network started. A lot of water has passed under a lot of bridges since then Ė and it is time for a new owner to take over.

    Youíll find a short summary of what is on offer below. If this sounds interesting, keep scrolling for more info designed to pre-empt the usual questions.

    Here is a summary:

    • Two aged mid-sized portals (Sit and Go Planet and High Tech Gambling) covering poker and casino with a little sports betting, plus some localized / supporting sites in different languages. I have let them all get out of date, though they are still generating 15 to 20k (seasonal) visits a month between them and plenty of clicks. Approx 1600+ pages on the biggest site, 600 on the other portal and several with 100+.
    • Affiliate accounts, generating $4 to $7k per month (seasonal variations) with the occasional big swings. Largest are at offshore sites. Now only sending 10 to 15ish new depositing players per month. Plenty of deposits from older players are still coming in. Cleared $50k so far this year (to October), and more than $120k in 2020 (despite some big negative months).
    • Plenty of potentialÖ I know, I know the ĎPí word. There are so many things that the Planet Mark of 5 years ago would never have put up with, including horrors like: Sending clicks to closed sites, traffic to non-paying programs, and many pages are criminally under-monetized. Used to rank well for bonus, deposit, review, and best type keywords back in the day and have let that slip. Oh, and the sites have yet to move to https.
    • No sold links or anything shady with the inbound link profiles.

    While I am motivated to sell them (see longer version below) there is a minimum price I'm willing to accept.

    This is based on what Iíd make by simply keeping the sites and continuing the minimal updates / sticking plasters / moving the non-paying programs out etc for another couple of years. Based on $60k for year 1, and half of that for year 2 this is $90k.

    Of course, Iím hopeful that multiple parties will see the potential, and Iíll get more than this. Letís see!

    Escrow, or cleared funds required before I transfer domains etc.

    PM me with your email address etc if you are interested, and letís have a call.

    Long Version / Questions:

    Why are you selling?

    An important question, so lets start here.

    My non-gambling business activities have been my priority for several years; they are now my main source of income and are growing nicely.

    This has left these gaming sites as a perpetual afterthought. They tick over, with a half-day needed at the start of each month and around one day total spread out during the month to put up a few fresh articles up and fix anything major.

    ĎRevamp gambling sitesí has been on my to-do list for a couple of years now. This takes up a space in my brain, and hangs around there making me feel slightly guilty, yet never reaches close to top priority. In addition, my personal interest in gambling has dwindled, hitting close to zero. Add to this the need to switch out the old operators, chase up payments, and so onÖ

    In conclusion, it is well past the right time to move on, to start 2022 fresh to focus on my many fast-growing projects in other niches Ė thus the sale.

    Someone motivated could boost the cashflow of these sites quickly. I'm sure you'll look back a year from now and feel like you got a proper bargain.

    So, what exactly are you selling?

    Here are the main sites:

    • Biggest site, mostly poker with decent chunk of casino. 1600+ pages, multiple languages (English primary, with RU, HU, PL - plus DE and ES currently hidden behind redirects, though still available on my server). Drupal CMS.
    • Mid-sized site covering Casino / Poker / Sports / Horses. Drupal based. 600+ pages here.
    • Poker Bonus Clubs: This is a series of separate localized sites in Russian / Hungarian / Polish / Portuguese which all ranked well at one point. Now out of date. Example site Ė these are all HTML sites.
    • Misc Domains / Blogs / Sites: and a few others. Quite a few are 301íd to the other sites, though some content / html etc is still on my servers. This did not start as a link network, more like abandoned projects that ended up as that.

    Affiliate Accounts:

    Active accounts at Betting Partners, Commission Kings, ACR Affiliates, Kindred, Entain. Minor or lost track of accounts at GG, Intertops, 888, Europartners and a couple more.

    Quick note: Iím not sure which accounts can be switched to new owners and which not. If not, then the sale includes my log-in, it is then your responsibility to manage them.

    Mailing List:

    I did a poker course years ago and collected around 30k double-opt-in emails via Aweber. I downloaded them all and closed the account. Buyer can have them if required, though youíd need to use a mailing provider and get them to re-opt-in again. This is an add-on Ďif interestedí only. If the eventual buyer does not want them I will delete them, so please, no PMs about buying this separately.

    Sale Process Details:

    Iím assuming buyers would be able to run their own reports in Ahrefs or similar. Can help out with the basics, though Iím not giving a list of keywords / top pages to every tire-kicker and their dogÖ

    Prefer to do a Zoom call with serious parties initially to discuss. If you want to move forward, I'll go through the affiliate accounts, stats etc after that.

    If Iím lucky enough to get multiple bidders, lets get to a Ďbest and final offerí quickly. Not into a drawn-out auction or anything like that.

    Some random notes:

    • Iím UK VAT registered, this means Iíll need to add the VAT to the price for UK Buyers.
    • Escrow is required; cost can be split.
    • No earn-out style deals please. Not keen on selling without the affiliate accounts, though open to discuss this.
    • Id docs / template style sales contract / your company details are required Ė this is not KYC as such, and I wonít keep any records online, itís because my accountants are super-fussy!
    • Goodwill is definitely included, happy to support the buyer informally after the sale for a month or so as formally agreed. My Drupal guy can assist with the tech side too. If you did want to port to Wordpress etc, Iím sure he will be able to advise.

    What to do next?

    It would be appreciated if you could tell me a little about yourself by way of an introduction. I used to know loads of people in the industry, though that was 7 or 8 years ago now on a different forum, and the faces are all new.

    This would help me focus my time on the right peopleÖ as Iím sure many of you understand; the iGaming business attracts all sorts!

    Looking forward to your PMs.


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    Thanks for the interest everyone, have now replied to all the PMs and am in the process of scheduling calls for next week.

    Quick update here for anyone that was thinking of pinging me that has not yet done so - or to anyone that sent a PM that wants to follow up with a call.


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