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    Default The Most Awesome Affiliate Program Conference Promotion/Event

    Hi all,

    I'm prepping for an article covering the MOST AWESOME ways in which to promote affiliate programs at conferences, with a view to publishing something around about BAC time.

    Affiliate Managers - If you have anything upcoming for BAC, or indeed something you've done in the past that worked unbelievably well and you'd like to shout about it, drop me a message.

    Conversely - affiliates - what has been your best experience laid on by an affiliate program at a conference?



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    Honestly the best thing is to have a great product for the players and a top notch affiliate program.

    Whilst it's probably not the answer you're looking for, I generally know who I'm going to go and speak to before I even step through the door. So I have a mental list of stands to visit (and ones to avoid) and don't idly go from stand to stand.

    Things like expensive cars, girls with their boobs out (although less of that last year since they had to cover up) and people in costumes doesn't really do much for me.

    Although having said that, games and interactive stuff can be quite fun... - Formally known as goodbonusguide. - Baldys affiliate blog. Will get updated one day. Maybe.

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    Conversely - affiliates - what has been your best experience laid on by an affiliate program at a conference?
    I quite like getting taken out for dinner. Its nice to get free food, talk affiliate manager and other affiliates in a relaxed atmosphere. Surprised no programs go down the list of affiliates, work out who has traffic and invite them out for dinner. I'd much rather work with someone that buys me a 20 meal than someone offering the bog standard, 70-60-50% for the first 3 months or something like that. Irrational I know but I feel I owe something to someone that has gone to the effort of ask me out and I owe nothing to the affiliate manager who is giving me the standard offer.

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