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    Default Motley Fool says to invest in CryptoLogic

    The Motley Fool, a Web site meant to give the everyman a better understanding of the stock market and financial planning in general, has put CryptoLogic at the top of its list of CAPS, a set of stock analyzed by Motley Fool users.

    Wall Street isn't hot on the stock at the moment (it is, after all, down 20% in price over the last 52 weeks). But patient Fools can afford to wait on this one's revival. In fact, its 2.3% dividend yield might even make the wait a pleasant one.
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    Money AM was tipping 888 Holdings, the parent company of the 888 brand last week as a play.

    Basically, they were saying that if 888 can partner with a Sportsbook by the end of the year, the shares should take a leap. With a few Sportsbooks vying for the position, an announcement shouldn't be far off with BlueSQ being tipped as favourites at the moment.

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    i bought cryptologic stock years ago and did very well with it before selling it. i have not followed it in a long time so it might be worth checking out once again. thanks for bringing it back on the radar
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