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    Default Mr Green/Mr Affiliate to add quotas

    Not sure whether to post this but just received this email:

    Dear Affiliate

    Mr Affiliate is pleased the announce the implementation of a brand new commission plan which will come into effect on the 1st of June 2012.

    The premise behind the new plan is to ensure that your hard work is rewarded with extra revenue. We appreciate the hard work you do which is why we want to reward you accordingly. Mr Affiliate wants to give you the opportunity to control your own revenue which is why we are offering you up to an amazing 45% revenue share.

    Our brand new revenue share model is based on the amount of new depositing players that you deliver to Mr Green and is detailed below.

    Amount of FTD's Revenue share %
    0-1 25%
    2-4 30%
    5-14 35%
    15-29 40%
    30 + 45%

    Mr Affiliate has done a careful analysis of our affiliates to create a fair and achievable tiered revenue structure. So how does this new commission plan work?

    You will get a corresponding percentage of reward based on the amount of first time depositors you have in the current month. The Net Revenue is then calculated as a percentage from the total Net Revenue generated by all affiliated customers in a month.

    Itís important to keep in mind that rewards are recalculated on daily basis therefore you can see updated rewards daily in your statistics. Monthly Payment are then generated at the end of the month based on final reward calculations. In the new month revenue share calculations will start again based on the number of FTDs you refer in that month.

    We hope our working relationship goes from strength to strength. If you have any questions about the new commission plan then please do not hesitate to contact me on

    This is wrong in my opinion and not happy with the quotas!

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    I don't like this either. I had 35% fixed rev share and makes a few hundred euro every month, but it have been difficult to bring new players lately, so I have to go with 25% rev share due this change.

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    I have a feeling since the major shifts in Google - many webmasters are now having a more difficult time as rankings drop. So many brands are cashing in on this to save advertise dollars. I knew this would start to happen.

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    This certainly puts them on much lower on my list of considerations.

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