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    Default Need advice about promotion casino

    My name is Vladimir, I'm 20 years old.
    I'm a newbie to affiliate maketing, but I'm really good in IM, SEO, etc.
    I've recently found that affiliate marketing in gambling sphere is rather profitable.
    I am very glad, that I have found business, where everything depends on me.
    So I'm writing you to ask an advice about how to start.
    I decided to promote William Hill casino.
    Can you please give me some advice on how did you start. I have a website and I'm very ambitious
    What are the main ways to promote casino and what should I start with?

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    Hi Legendary - nice name!!

    There is a lot to learn, you're in the right place. I'd also recommend (the owner is a member here) and gives some great training for new guys like you.

    It's a bit hard to list generic advice, but my top tips would be as follows:

    1. Find your niche - if you're targeting the keyword 'online casino' then you'll be waiting a long time no matter what SEO knowledge you have. Find a small niche within the gambling area and own it. You can move to bigger more broad terms later on when you hopefully have more experience.

    2. Choose reliable casino properties to promote. My biggest mistake was signing-up to 30-40 programs and trying to manage them all even though I wasn't that big early on. Start with 5-10 solid casino properties which you can trust to pay you on time and treat your players right, this will expand over time of course, but promoting anyone and everyone just held me back I think. I really like William Hill so good start IMO.

    You've got some SEO knowledge, so find a niche and build your site to get ranking and hopefully watch the 's come in. Shoot me on Skype davemerry1 if you ever need advice, always more than happy to give out any advice I can offer.


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