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    Default Nevada congresswoman calls UIGEA a "bust"

    Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-NV) has been an outspoken critic of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, despite representing a section of the country where land-based casinos are everywhere you look. She has also been a strong proponent of the legalization and regulation of Internet gambling in the United States.

    Berkley recently wrote a piece for Roll Call, a perodical newspaper in Washington, D.C. that deals with the legislature. In the piece, she criticizes the UIGEA as "a bust" and says the June 1 deadline did nothing.

    Itís time to let the UIGEA ride off into the sunset and to replace the virtual Wild, Wild West it has created with workable regulations designed to protect American adults ó in numbers that only continue to grow ó when they choose to place a bet over the Internet.

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    Thanks, nice find. I had no idea Congresswoman Berkely was a supporter of Internet gambling legalization. Now I have to do my research.

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    It won't be long until online gambling industry will follow the path of their ancestors -- the Las Vegas Nevada casinos, "from dusty Western saloons with a poker table and one-armed bandits to glittering 21st-century resort destinations known around the globe". Though there are so many factors to consider once online gambling has been regulated, such as the authenticity of the licenses, the online gaming policies, responsible gambling, and safety against scams and hackers, technology can cope up with these issues if dealt with seriously.

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