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    Cool New 2016 iGaming Pocket Directory FREE to GPWA members!

    The brand new 2016 edition of Casino City’s iGaming Pocket Directory is now available online, and we will also happily mail a free copy of the print edition of this new publication to any GPWA member who would like one

    There is a ton of really useful information in this new 132 page guide to the iGaming industry. There are separate sections covering each of the following game verticals: bingo, casino, financials, games, live dealer, lottery, mobile gaming, poker and sports betting. Each of the game verticals has a good introduction to what is happening in the vertical and details about some of the available affiliate programs. In the poker and sports betting sections there are extensive calendars covering nearly 150 events that we think are of interest to poker and sports betting affiliates. Also, for bingo, casino, games, poker and sports betting there are lists of the top 35 affiliate sites and top 35 operator sites based on Moz Domain Authority.

    The publication is rounded out with information about gaming jurisdictions, industry suppliers, various trade publications, and a calendar of industry events taking place over the next year.

    You can see the publication online by clicking on the cover image below or the associated link:

    A big thank you to bet365 as the publication sponsor and to our other sponsors and supporters

    I would like to extend a special thanks to GPWA sponsor programs that supported our work on this new edition. So a big thanks to bet365 as the publication sponsor. We are able to provide this new free GPWA member benefit through the support of these and other organizations like Europartners, iq option, OCG International, and Silver Sands Affiliates who believed in and supported our efforts in producing this directory.

    How to Get Your Free Copy of Casino City’s iGaming Pocket Directory

    Of course, as good as the online version of the publication is, having a hard copy of this reference handy is helpful as well. So we will be pleased to mail a free copy to any GPWA member – both affiliates and affiliate program representatives. If you are currently receiving the GPWA Times magazine, then we will mail you a copy next month together with the GPWA Times magazine.

    Otherwise, If you are already registered on the GPWA site, then to receive your copy of Casino City’s iGaming Pocket Directory just click on the "My Magazine Subscriptions" option under the "My Account" menu bar navigation item (you need to be logged in for this option to be available). If you fill in your mailing address information, we will mail a copy of the pocket directory to you. If you are not already registered on the GPWA website, then just click the "Join GPWA" link above the navigation bar, and follow the "Register Now" link on that page, being sure to go back and fill in the information under "My Magazine Subscriptions" after you register.

    GPWA Executive Director, Casino City CEO, Friend to the Village Idiot
    Resources for Affiliates:,,

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    Look forward to receiving my copy. It's been a useful guide in the past.

    Thanks Michael.

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    Thanks Michael, it was the first one I opened at the LAC,
    I'll be in touchg about some opportunities....

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    Looking forward to receiving my first copy

    "If at first you do succeed, try something harder"

    Lotteries of the World

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    Default iGaming Show Amsterdam meetings

    We are interested in meeting your company at the iGaming show, please let me know if you're attending.

    We specialize in new player recruiting and also own casino, bingo and sports betting domains that need a good white-label partner.

    Scott Thompson, CEO

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    In this pocket directory there is a big advertisement of a program with a casino, that owns a license for Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein here in Germany.



    The place of business of this company is Germany!

    That means for all German players and webmasters, that their data are not safe.
    The government, tax offices and trade councils can and will have access to that data.
    I am well informed about what happened in similar situations in the past.

    German webmasters must fear criminal and civil-law prosecution if they put other banner on the websites from programs that do not have a Schleswig-Holstein license, and that applies to 99 % of all programs. And 99 % of all German webmasters are doing this. So if you do this, then this company has your complete data and a free-ticket to build pressure or to share it with Big Brother.

    The big shark here in Germany is doing this right now and is lurking in the internet for backholes to bring webmasters to court because they don't want to have any competitors, and German civil law and criminal code is very clear: It's prohibited to advertise casino programs (without a Schleswig-Holsein license).

    You can say, this is only my opinion, but my insider knowledge and my experiences says, that I am right and no one shall say later, I did not warn the German webmasters and players about it.

    Edit: The "TV Campaigns" ... We have here right now such "TV Campaigns" with a casino with the name "Drück Glück" ("Press Fortune"). A very massive campaign. The casino is yelling with the same volume but it's nothing but crap. After they paid for TV commercials some forums became aware of them and the result is, that more people are laughing about them instead of playing there.

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