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Pay Per Click Through Affiliate Program

Come Gamble With Us PayPerClick Affiliate Program
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Affiliates Bonus Receive the Lions share, We pay you 60% when you place our Search Box on your web site.

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Unlike other affiliate programs, there are no placement requirements. Just copy and paste the simple html code anywhere on your website and you're done!

To become an Affiliate and start earning, just SIGN-UP for a free Member Account which will earn you $10 worth of no obligation keyword advertising credit.

You must first have a Member Account as this is where your Affiliate earnings will be deposited.

Also, you can get .50 cents per advertiser signup. Plus 5% of the affiliates deposits and the refferals' affiliate earnings (two tier). Think i'm done yet? Well i'm not, you can also earn .01 cent on every search.

You will be paid once a month by check or by paypal.

You can sign up for an account here: