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    The site and domain are good but, I have few remarks :

    - on the home page you can put a table with the bookis and redirect links to. i.e read the full review and just register here. Tables are much more comprehensive and user friendly.
    - everything on desktop looks too big and scary , like you have a top poster fore new-coming block buster like " Jurassic Park". I believe you do not want to scare your customers anyway )
    - you can start wtih flytonic theme or sth common.
    - just take a look on common sites, how they look like and what first impression you get once you land onto them.
    - for me it looks like a site made from football, sports betting guys, who are making their first steps in casino affiliation. I just imagined it as a tipster site and from this point of view it looks decent. but is should be casino.

    I hope my critics helped you out
    Seven times fall, eight times stand.

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    Just another onepages, you think with so small investment in content google will loves your website? Days when u can just make onepager and buy tons of links is past.

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