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    Default New EU law regarding cookies

    This sounds like a headache in the waiting. Cookies may become opt-in rather than opt-out.

    From 25 May, European laws dictate that "explicit consent" must be gathered from web users who are being tracked via text files called "cookies".

    So the question is, how are the EU brands going to deal with the issue of affiliate tracking? - Formally known as goodbonusguide.

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    This was proposed early last year. There is a good article actually:

    First, the Directive explicitly exempts from the consent requirement cases where: (a) cookies are strictly necessary to provide a requested online service, or (b) information storage is for the sole purpose of carrying out an online communication. So, core website functionality that depends on cookies may not require prior user consent.
    Moreover, even third-party advertisers, which are of concern to many European privacy regulators, potentially could escape the consent requirement. A recital to the Directive explains that users can communicate consent through their browser settings. As almost all browsers include privacy settings that control cookies (including browsers on many mobile devices), almost all browser users may have already "consented" to the cookies stored on their computers. Further, third-party advertisers whose cookies are allowed by browser privacy settings could satisfy the Directive's notice requirement through their existing online privacy policies.
    I spoke to a couple of programs about it last year and they didn't seem to concerned for a variety of reasons but as ever with the EU it's never especially clear LOL.

    If it does affect us it might turn out to be a good thing in that a more robust method of tracking might become a requirement however verything I have read makes me think aff tracking won't be affected. But then again I've not seen that explicity stated anywhere.

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    Isn't it like invading a person's privacy and even his / her personal information?.. Is it really a good idea?..

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeAdams View Post
    Isn't it like invading a person's privacy and even his / her personal information?.. Is it really a good idea?..
    No offense, but I think you got it wrong Joe. In fact, it's kinda giving you the kind of protection to your private life.

    Let me quote from the given source:

    Businesses are being urged to sort out how they get consent so they can keep on using cookies.
    The section of the directive dealing with cookies was drawn up in an attempt to protect privacy and, in particular, limit how much use could be made of behavioural advertising.
    The directive demands that users be fully informed about the information being stored in cookies and told why they see particular adverts.
    And lastly:

    It could mean that after 25 May, users see many more pop-up windows and dialogue boxes asking them to let sites gather data.
    The big deal is more on the online businesses affected by this incoming switch.

    You've asked if it is a good idea? It sure is for users. But, affiliates are worried about the tracking, since with this change, a user can simply put no to giving consent to a website asking him to use his browsing data and employ cookies to store them.

    Simply, give consent only to sites you trust.

    I think this change will revolutionize the way possible customers are tracked. Well, only if online businesses fear about messing up their sales tracking system due to the possible switch.

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