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    Default New Everygame Affiliate Links available

    I have not yet gotten an email announcement.

    I have not yet seen an announcement here at the GPWA to inform Intertops/Everygame affiliates yet.

    But I can confirm that the new everygame affiliate links are available in the affiliate panel after logging in.

    The old bookmark now redirects to so you may want to update your bookmarks.

    In my case my same username and password worked just fine.

    I can also confirm that it appears the campaigns imported properly, and it does appears on the surface that tracking on the old links is continuing to work properly so far.

    It appears that the link change is only going to be the root domain changing but we will certainly ask for that to be confirmed.
    I see old campaign links that once were
    now point to

    On random checks it does appear the campaign names imported correctly and the campaign names match the correct tags.


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    I will give them this, they didn't make it difficult.

    We did a simple find for and replace with and then all our affiliate links were fixed. All the rest of the URLs were exact matches. Granted, we only spot checked our links, so if some of them are exactly the same and others changed, I will be very pissed off at Intertops/Everygame

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