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    Lightbulb New GPWA Membership Benefits Brochure

    We have created a new updated GPWA Membership Benefits brochure that outlines the current benefits of being a GPWA member. The previous benefits brochure is outdated. The most recent example being its featuring the print edition of the iGaming Business Directory for GPWA private members members at a discount rather than complementary access to the online version announced today in the following forum thread:
    New GPWA Private Member Benefit - Free iGaming Directory Online Access.

    We recently mailed a print copy of the brochure to all of our GPWA Times Magazine subscribers with our mailing of issue 40. Most U.S. subscribers should have already received the new magazine and brochure in the mail together with the new 2018 edition of Casino City's iGaming Business Directory. Everyone else should receive these materials in the near future since they are in the mail.

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    Thank you, good to see things are getting updated. And the brochure looks great!
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    First of all, I always appreciate any efforts with making such virtual or real brochures.
    On the contrary to the Democrats I also respect such efforts and art which does not reflect my own opinions.

    What I can totally agree in the brochure and confirm is "Does not promote or display pornography."

    I have not even seen one avatar from a member, created while sitting with the butt on a photocopier.

    Thank Goodness, that crooks like someone from the top hierarchy at the former Lock[down] Poker Crime Family cannot be member here.

    Remembering a JFK speech, so what can I do for GPWA this month?

    Well, I'll give you a thanks, 8 other thanks for other of your posts, $2 in cash (free shipping world wide), a reply and a mention with backlink to your website in my diary, if you write something in the Bitcoin thread ("Truths, Bitcoin shills ...") that is interesting.

    Perhaps as an unbelievable bonus an autograph from Michael, and if he is too busy for me for an audience, an autograph from the My Pillow guy.

    Moreover: If you attack me in that thread 3 times in a row within 24 hours, I will sent you also a copy of a photo library with my fantastic collection of Wehrmacht uniforms.

    It's quite, what you expect?
    Or want to suggest?

    However, every brochure is connected with work and efforts, and that's fine.
    Regardless, if one likes it or not, a little bit politeness from time to time does not harm anyone.

    If one cannot understand satire, has no knowledge about the backgrounds, then you can of course push the McCarthy button.

    I don't believe it makes you stronger and that button more useful at all.
    Perhaps this is my true intent with this post.
    Who knows?
    The most important thing is, you don't know and have to think about it.
    What is worth the price.
    That you increase the 2% use of your brain immediately with this post.

    So what about $2 for me?


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    This looks just great, pretty cool benefits for being a member; as I said before, this is the warmest welcome anyone can receive

    Question, does the material is shipped overseas too?

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    This is a great brochure, Michael. I can see that a lot of work and effort was made into putting it together. It's easy to follow and straightforward, and it also explains many things very well. Indeed, a job well done sir

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    It looks great! Thanks for sharing.

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    Yeah, thanks for sharing! I like the choice of the colour that totally matches the overall theme of the site. It is good to see that you put so much thought into the design and it clearly sends the messages. Would be awesome if the shipping was worldwide too.

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