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    Lightbulb New Improved Portal Site Directories

    I'm pleased to announce that we have made a number of improvements to the portal sites section of the GPWA website.

    The list of portal sites that have earned the GPWA Seal of Approval has several new features. You can now sort the list of approved sites in order by how recently they were approved and their popularity according to Alexa in addition to showing them in order by name. We've also added the date they were approved to the listings for individual portal sites. To take a look simply select the "Approved Portals" menu item under "Portal Sites" in the top navigation bar.

    In addition, we have made a variety of improvements to the directory of member portal sites. You can now search for member sites containing a particular string in either the site name or the site URL. And you can search for sites affiliated with all members or only private members. Plus we've added the ability to sort the list of sites found by either site name or by site popularity. Over 1,500 member sites are now included in the directory. To take a look select the "Member Portals" menu item under "Portal Sites" in the top navigation bar.

    I hope members find the new features helpful in connecting portal sites with their associated GPWA webmasters.

    To further increase the value of the directory, we have sent out e-mail messages earlier today letting members know what sites we have associated with them, and requesting feedback if any changes should be made. I urge everyone to respond. Having an accurate and complete membership directory strengthens the voice of the association when communicating with affiliate programs, gives your sites well-deserved publicity, and allows for better communication between members

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    Great Michael. The improvements to the site are really good. I've updated my list and sent it back.

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