The best of British online casinos has a brand new site showing off its frills of
exclusivity and player incentives.

The month of November saw Aspinalls casino upgrade its website to one resembling
the original brick and mortar casino in Mayfair, London.

We began the process by interpreting the original feel of an institution such as
Aspinalls and translating it to the online format is at most times a dismal attempt
in portraying authenticity by most other casino groups in the online format.

We however done the original Aspinalls Casino justice by simply following Aspinall’s
philosophy of exclusivity, heritage, and good taste; and also by toning down the
kitschyness seen at most online casinos of today.

The new Aspinalls website boasts delicate cream tints harking back the classy
imagery and visual intensity of the unique London casino.

StarPartner had undergone a series of meetings with Aspinalls headed by Damian
Aspinall, son of John the man who founded the original land based casino in the
early 60’s, before it was decided that the online version would need an urgent
makeover not only in its eye-catching capabilities but also in its player incentives
and bonus perks.

Apart from its new design and usability improvements, Aspinalls Casino has also
given its casino members an accumulated amount of 600 for merely depositing at
the casino.

Players will have to make 3 initial deposits adding up to 1200 in order to receive
the inducement of 600. At 50% one may think that such a bonus may be well under
the norm compared to those of other online casinos. However, Aspinalls Casinos
does give its match bonus of 50% on the hefty amount 1200 therefore highly
contrasting the match bonus of 150% on 40. The difference here is that Aspinalls
match bonus is simply a high-roller bonus from the start.

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