Hello all,

President Bush signed the Port Security Act, which included a rider which banned online gaming in the US. But the real issue, which is how the corrupt politicians in our country are slowly taking our personal freedoms away from us (And by the way, internet poker has nothing to do with Port Security).

The new Unlawful Internet Gambling Act is equally corrupt, and even more dangerous. First, this bill was originally introduced by State Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia. His bill proposed to ban all online gambling... except for online state lotteries and online horse racing. Why the carve outs? Well obviously lotteries are taxed, but the horse racing probably has more to do with the $10,000 he received from the National Thoroughbred Racing Association..

Then, this bill was attached secretly to the Port Security Act on September 30th at 1am local Washington DC time. Senator Bill Frist, consideredone of the most corrupt members of Congress, attached the gambling ban to "must pass" legislation, without debate, and without many Senators even present. Why would he do such a thing? It may have something to do with the $19,000 contribution from Harrahs Casino he received... oh wait, he received another one for almost $25,000 as well! So it's ok to take cash from the land based casinos... but he needs to ban the online casinos. Gotcha.

Now before anyone here starts screaming about terrorism, underage gambling, or money laundering let me set you straight. Many of you may believe the political propaganda you've been fed, but the truth is as follows:

These companies are as legitimate corporations, not terrorism fronts. Many are publicly traded firms on the London Stock Exchange - Like Party Poker (owned by Party Gaming plc) ; Casino-on-Net and 888.com (owned by 888 Holdings plc ) ; or English Harbour Casino, VIP Sports Betting, or Nine.com sports book (all owned by Leisure & Gaming plc ).

These companies also have provisions in place to prevent underage gambling. They can't take credit cards, and the only methods to fund these accounts (such and international bank transfers and overseas wires) would only be practical for an adult to accomplish. And on an interesting side note, the new Unlawful Internet Gambling Act has no provisions to prevent underage gambling at state sanctioned online horse racing and lotto sites... go figure.

Money laundering is almost impossible at online casinos, and it would certainly be much more difficult to do so online --- where every transaction leaves a detailed electronic fingerprint --- than at a land based casino. In an interview for CNN, legally regulated British bookmakers state that "Real world casinos work with real cash, and many leave cloudy audit trails that are hard to follow. But the online industry says, in the cashless world of net betting, many bettors are tied to an account number, making it hard to hide. The only way of getting your funds to an Internet casino or an Internet bookmaker is to pay the casino by credit card or transfer it by bank transfer."

The bottom line is this: These crooks in Washington keep trying to legislate morality to us... and they have no business doing so. But they’ve gone even farther than that… actually criminalize an activity in our homes that’s legal in 48 states! There are 30 million online gamblers in the United States, and the politicians continue to take their kickbacks and promote special interests instead of representing the will of the people.

Bill Frist is a crook. He's under investigation for insider trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission… and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Frist one of the most corrupt politicians in Washington. Given the current state of politics, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Frist was bought and paid for by Harrahs. When he got this bill passed, Harrahs stock shot up 14% overnight, resulting in a growth in their net worth of $1.7 billion. Not too coincidentally, they were just about to receive a buy-out offer… imagine that.

This law is pure Washington bull… anyone can see it. But maybe you still don’t think it has anything to do with people who don’t gamble online. Well idoes. This bill has provisions in it which will open the door to allow the government to track your online movements and force your internet service providers to censor what you can see on the web. How Orwellian is that? If the government could only get this concerned about online sex predators, identity theft, or kiddy porn… but we know they can’t get paid-off from any of those things.

So, why is no one covering this story?