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    Default New site in BETA - review please

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like your thoughts on - (I am not allowed to make it clickable it seems ).

    It's in BETA (launched yesterday) and I am looking to squash bugs and make visual improvements.

    Secondly (and most importantly) - I am looking for traffic! If anyone can offer me some sort of link exchange etc that would be great.

    I am in the video poker niche, so you may not be able to use these niche specific players on your site. I am willing to swop slots players for video poker players. I know I don't have traffic right now, but as the site grows it may become profitable for you if I send you all the players that arrive looking for slots, and yourself vice versa with a simple link, for example - looking for slots? - click here

    Thanks in advance.
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    Default My Review

    Hi videopokes.

    First I see that this is your first post at GPWA ... So welcome.

    I see some seo mistakes you made:

    1 ) The homepage has too many H1 tags ... It's recommended to have only 1 H1 each page.

    2 ) The sites works on both forms : www-yoursite-com and http-yousite-com .... This cause duplicate content ... You should 301 redirect to only 1 form. Plus at Google Webmaster tool you can choose which form you like Google to treats your site. But remember there are other search engines that you need to optimize your site like Yahoo and MSN.

    3 ) You have some duplicate title issues. You should give each page unique title tag.

    4 ) Same for the keywords meta tags ... Should be different in each page.

    5 ) Same for the description meta tag ... Not optimized at all.

    Regard the design ... Why do you have flowers at the background ??? I think you should replace it.

    The video game itself worked really good for me. Nice job there !

    Good luck with the site
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