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    Default New Site: What would be the BEST CMS, setup, etc?

    Technical stuff is not my forte. I assume HTML5, CSS3 would be what we'd use? Avoid JS completely to be fully compatible?

    I dream of an easy to manage site that loads in under 1 second on mobile. Minimalist icon fonts, works flawlessly on all devices without a ton of custom coding bullshit, has an internal way to serve popups and geolocate, all the cool **** that the best websites have basically

    It is mid way through 2019, what is the best tech? I want to start a new project and I want it to:

    Hosting already figured out, but I want the code to be slim, trim, and bloody fast.

    Easy to create, modify, etc.

    Manageable learning curve.

    Responsive and accessible on all platforms.

    Geolocation to serve popups/diff versions of pages to viewers from diff countries.

    Also, who the hell do I hire to create this

    Lots of open positions available, PM me:
    • Online Poker Reviewer
    • Live Poker Venue Reviewers in US, CA, AU
    • Poker Book Reviewer
    • Drupal Developer
    • Forum Moderator
    • Twitch Poker Streamers

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    Straight html/php would be the fastest, but a lot more development time/expense for customizing a lot of database related stuff.

    Almost everyone will likely recommend Wordpress. and if chosen:

    In most cases a lot of the customization you might require can be handled by plugins etc, but if you go that route try to find the best that cover the majority of functions you want in the least total number to reduce overhead and keep it as clean as fast as possible.

    Try not to pick the plugins based solely on what the dev person you choose recommends, unless you are sure the dev person actually has logical reasons surrounding which ones to use, and not because those are the only ones they know.

    Hopefully you will get a few more thorough and extensive recommendations to help you make an intelligent decision on the direction to go.


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