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    Post New website

    I have a site built and started building some links to it. I would like for you all to look at the site and give me your opinion. Second, is it better to hire an SEO or do it myself? I have heard buying links on blogs help a lot, your thoughts?

    Also, with the deal about exchanging link, I heard it was better just to buy inbound links and try not to link out to a ton of people, is this true?

    In this industry, how many links do you need? both inbound and outbound?


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    Content is king! Picking niches is the only way to survive in this super competitive business. Use keyword trackers to monitor how competitive keywords are and target keywords that are less competetive but still delivers traffic and make sure it is traffic that converts.
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    Thumbs up A couple of things...

    I've been running my site for a few months now and haven't spent anything on advertising... Difficult to know what and who to trust so I just spent hours and hours adding my site to directories and managed to get a PageRank of 1 after about 2 months or so, along with adding a 'partners' page which I'm sure helps out also.

    You've got a good set up there, just wanted to mention a couple of things I noticed to help you out...

    I was looking at your meta tags on your homepage. As far as I understand it (I also started like this and was recommended to change it) is under the keywords, it's better to just use one word and separate each with a comma... i.e. you have "best casino bonus" - Would be much better to change to best, casino, bonus.<O</O
    Also, in the description, I don't know if you meant it but you've got some spelling mistakes in there... 'onlime', 'casno' and 'varios'.<O</O

    I like the layout and everything though, that's how I wanted my site to be, and still do, but I've gone too far into it now to be able to re-design the whole site easily!!<O</O

    All the best with it, hope it goes well!

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    Hi Ryan,

    Great start to your website! If you have the money go for an SEO expert but if this project is a learning project then do it yourself. The best way to learn is through mistakes.

    In regards to your link question, the links do have to relevant to your sites. It is not worth buying a whole lot of links that do not relate.

    Have tried to organise any exclusive promotions?
    Have you looked at developing a press release for your site?

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