Hi Everyone!

Our partner casinos are handing out no deposit bonuses as from this weekend and during the next 3 months. Slots players and Marvel Slots fans in particular will have the time of their lives and the chance to win an amazing €50 No-Deposit bonus for 3 months in a row.

To win a total of €150 in no-deposit bonuses players need to spin the reels a minimum of 100 times on any of our partner casinos Marvel Slot machines between Friday 23rd and Sunday 25th September.

All qualified players will be entered into a random draw and three players out of this draw will win the no-deposit bonuses.

Winning no deposit bonuses has never been so easy!

You have one full week to spread the word about this great offer and let a maximum number players know how great they can be rewarded by choosing Windows Casino and King Solomons Casino.