No Affiliate Payment Minimum with Moneybookers or Player Account Method

CanAffco is very pleased to announce that there is no longer any minimum affiliate payment amount for the programs that they represent.
We understand that some months you have greater earnings than others, but you shouldnít have to suffer just because you didnít achieve a minimum earnings amount that is set by an affiliate program. Thatís just not fair!

So weíve asked to eliminate their minimums on selected payment methods, and they were only too happy to agree.

Join DublinBet, and select one of the payment methods indicated, and enjoy no minimums, plus all the other benefits listed. You can trust this program, just as you trust CanAffco. No closures, and no name changes Ė we guarantee it!

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No Minimum Payment Amount

  • Select Moneybookers or Player Account
  • The 1st and Best Live Dealer Online Casino (Live from the Fitzwilliam Card Club in Dublin)
  • 2 Affiliates per Month Win a Trip to iGB London Affiliate Conference
  • Win a Free Car Player Promotion on Now!