Last updated - May 1, 2003

Below is a list of Casinos and Casino Groups who have sent us letters of commitment not to use Predatory Advertising (Scumware)

Programs that say they have never used predatory advertising and have pledged not to use it in the future.

Lasseters Online Casino - At Lasseters Online Casino, World's First Government Licensed &
Regulated Internet Casino, honesty and integrity have always been at the
forefront of our concerns. We do not utilize any form of scumware in our
marketing efforts and we do not intend to do so in the future, nor do we
condone its use in the industry."
Captain Cook's/Casino Kingdom - "I have not and will not use or recommend the use of scumware to our client casinos - even though it potentially puts our clients at a competitive disadvantage. At the end of the day the actions of the scumware/spyware marketing companies affects our client's sites as well as those of our affiliates and the sites that carry out advertising with."
City Club Casino
WagerJunction - Grand Aces, Geisha Lounge - "Wager Junction does not engage in the use of, nor advocate the use of Scumware. This decision has been in place for some time and is not a recently introduced damage control measure or PR exercise.
Our casino and bingo partners have agreed to this policy too."
Casino Profit Share - Golden Reef, Aztec Riches - "CPS does not use Spyware or Scumware in the program and our client casinos do not endorse or use this form of advertising"
Casino Paycheck - Welcome to Our Casino, AngelCiti Casino, et al - "AngelCiti does not buy that type of advertising and that Casino Paycheck does not allow its affiliates to buy it either. "
RichWebmaster - Grand Banks, Black Widow, Sterling House - "Richwebmaster and our client Pair of Dice Ltd (casino operator) don't purchase advertising via Gator, WhenU and others that affect the relationship with our channel partners(affiliates)."
Casino Tropez - "We forbid all advertising methods called "scumware" - Cydoor, Gator, WhenU and others. Any affiliate caught using those methods will be banned from our program and his revenues will be split among all our current affiliate partners. We also invite you to notify us if you come accross such abuse."
Sunny Casinos - Casino Fortune, Casino Mapau, Miami Beach, et al - "Sunny Casinos, would like to assure you that at no time have we ever been advertising with or do we intend to advertise with Gator."
Be the Dealer
We do not use any predatiry advertising now, nor do we intend to use any in the future. Also, we will not tolerate any affiliates using such advertising.
FavoringOdds/MagicLamp - I am very proud, and glad, to confirm that Favoring Odds Affiliate Program, and Magic Lamp Online Casino, DO NOT utilize any form of ScumWare to market their services and products.

Programs that have used predatory advertising but have pledged to stop ASAP

GoldenStar Network - Golden Riviera, River Nile - "we will not support ANY known scumware / predatory advertising techniques in future. "
Casino Coins - English Harbour, All Poker, Caribbean Gold, et al - "will pull the program to honor our long term partnership with our affiliates"
WagerShare - Spin Palace - "Spin Palace are not renewing the contract with WhenU. It has already expired. The contract with Gator finishes today or tomorrow
and will not be renewed."
I am very proud and happy to confirm that we at Portofino and Hampton Casinos, DO
NOT utilize any form of ScumWare to market our services and products.
Palace of Chance - "I can make a firm commitment that we will not continue our WhenU campaign under the current WhenU operating parameters."
Casino Rewards - BlackJack Ballroom, Golden Tiger, Lucky Emperor, et al - "CasinoRewards will no longer use scumware as an advertising medium. Due to contract issues we cannot turn it off on all of the casinos immediately but instead will have to phase it out. Currently Strike It Lucky, Golden Tiger Poker, Zodiac Casino, and Lucky Emperor will stop advertising with scumware by the end of this week. Blackjack Ballroom will stop the end of April, and Golden Tiger Casino and Virtual City Casino will stop at the end of May."
Vegas Towers
Fortune Room - "I am pleased to announce that Fortune Room no longer uses “scumware”. " - March 4th

Special Cases where programs are showing support
ReferBack - Some casinos have dropped it entirely; some are dropping it only for the month of March as a test. Please see the updated Boycott statement for a complete listing of which casinos are doing what.

(Special Note - it should be noted that we are not contacting *every* casino on the internet. We're contacting the ones that have been seen using predatory advertising - and our members constantly monitor this.
Other casinos that have never used it and/or are as against it as we are are sending us their commitments and statements, and we're publishing their positions here also. - SlyCin56)