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    Default North Carolina court rules poker is NOT a skill game

    A three-judge panel in North Carolina ruled that while there was skill involved in poker, the role of luck was to big for poker to be classified as a skill game.

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    There was another article somewhere that they are going to legalize poker rooms in Russia, as it was considered a game of skill, and not of luck. I guess the US government is really trying to stop poker from being acceptable to be played is US states.

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    Being from North Carolina, I suspect there is more to this ruling. I have not read the opinion, but there is substantial background on this issue. Video Poker was legal in the NC thanks to somewhat questionable political donations/lobbying. On a separate issue related to illegal kickbacks, we now have a disgraced former legislative majority leader (democrat, I'm afraid to say). I think there was some question as to the fairness of the games as the oversight was not very good thanks in large part to the lobbying and possible payments.
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    I doubt it will ever be deemed a game of skill by any Government.

    As they did in the UK, it was the shuffling of the cards at the beginning that adds the luck element to the game and ever other country will use the same get-out.

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    Hi all,

    interesting. so the poker pros are just really lucky fools? wonder why they don't apply this "luck" to slots, the roll of the dice ... etc?

    what an ignorant assumption. How can you call poker not a skilled game and call stock market a skill? both involve risk that is out of the hands of the investor.

    of course .. i suppose if you take into consideration insider-info as part of the game in the stock market (which i remind is illegal) .... then yes .... it could be said the stock market is less a risk.

    both include knowing when to stay and when to get out. what's the freakin' difference? shuffled cards or not.
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