Hi again,

Ok, I have gone through all the posts - I should have just waited and posted one entry, sorry about that, my caffeine kicked in too early.

I will take these very valid comments to the directors as yes, whilst I do have a lot of say in the business, I do not make the final decisions.

I am also ALWAYS open for discussion. As anyone who knows me will testify - and there are many over the last 2 years - I always do whatever is in my power to help webmasters and to grow the industry. I cannot think of one negative relationship or personality clash I have had with anyone??

Antoine thank you for your comments and I understand where you are coming from. Again, I will take your posts - as I will do with everyone who sends me info - and sit down with the directors on Monday.

Thanks and as always feel free to email, IM or call me if you would like to discuss anything in person. My details are in the signature below.