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    Default Official Google Link to provide feedback on latest Penguin update.

    I recently stumbled on the Google form to provide feedback on the most recent changes of the SERPs. This is not a re-inclusion form or spam report. It's giving Google Feedback on their most recent changes they made.

    Here's the form:

    The keyword phrases I monitor and care about most have been affected greatly. The top SERPS for many of these key word phrases are now occupied by relatively new sites with little content or not as relevant as previous searches before the last update has been rolled out.

    Just the fact that they have a feedback for this last update (unless it's been there a while) is an indication that they must know the impact they had (for good or bad).

    If you were affected and feel that the SERPs have not improved in quality then I recommend giving feedback. Will it help? I don't think it will help us individually, but it might have value collectively.

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    I had a couple of webmasters tell me after they submitted their sites - within a day their sites were back to normal. However for me personally they have done nothing and we lost 95% of all traffic and the site is basically non existent anymore anywhere except for Bing and Yahoo.

    Like you said also the serps are showing all new sites so I guess a good idea is to create new sites and hope they catch 1st page as it appears any single page site can rank now.

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