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    Default Offshore Incorporations

    There are many portals online that could greatly benefit from operating under an offshore business structure licensed in Belize. Those accepting advertisements from internet gambling and sex sites immediately come to mind, but even businesses not deemed controversial can benefit from the tax friendly climate of Belize.

    Caracol Consulting is currently offering special values on IBC incorporations. This offer provides you with the ability to incorporate your portal in a tax-friendly offshore jurisdiction at costs well below what we normally charge.

    This IBC incorporation pack includes:

    Registration: Drafting and Registration of Articles of Incorporation, establishing a licensed International Business Company (IBC) in the country of Belize. This registration comes with the option of Nominee Directors and Shareholders for added protection.

    Banking: U.S. Dollar bank account. Comes with international bank card for quick and easy access to funds.

    Power of Attorney: Option of Power of Attorney for easy management of your account. Allows you, or someone named by you, to open bank accounts and conduct business on your behalf.

    Agent Services: Comes with registered agent services and offices.

    These fees represent all costs for the first year of your business. Costs for subsequent years are significantly reduced.

    Total Costs For Incorporation: $1,550

    Cost At $1,950

    You save $400 over our competitor's price.

    For more informations, visit or email . Don't forget to look for the Special Offer link in the About Us section.

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    If this law passes, which the casinos seem to think, I think a lot of us will scramble to do this. I have located a server I trust in china, and will be waiting and ready to found an offshore corporation should this happen.

    I am not going out of business if I can help it. I#ve put in seven days a week for a year to get here I am today, and the price of doing the offshore business is negligible when one weighs in the time and effort needed to get a good source of income rolling on the net.

    I am poised to move.

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