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    Default OJ Simpson arrested for armed robbery in Vegas

    So this doesn't have much to do with the industry, but it happened in a casino in Vegas, so Buzzy says it's fair game.

    OJ Simpson was arrested in Vegas for armed robbery. He claims that it wasn't robbery because the items had been stolen from him. Kinda hard to believe a guy who a few years ago said that if he did murder those two people, "it was only because he loved her so very very much."

    Simpson was being booked on two counts of robbery with a deadly weapon, two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit burglary and burglary with a firearm, police said. The district attorney, meanwhile, said he expected Simpson to ultimately be charged with seven felonies and one gross misdemeanor.
    A judge ordered Simpson held without bail, police said. If convicted, Simpson would face up to 30 years in state prison on each robbery count alone. ''He is facing a lot of time,'' said Clark County District Attorney David Roger.

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    I hope they build a solid case and nail the bastard!!

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    I don't understand how he got bail.

    I heard one report on the radio today that The "Conspiracy to commit kidnapping" should have been a no bond why did the District Attorney make the bond deal?

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    If this was anybody else but OJ Simpson I think there wouldn't be such a big deal about it -- LIKE EVERYWHERE, lol. I think the general public would love to see this guy behind bars by any means necessary. Conspiracy or not, OJ should've known better...especially since he probably knew full well the consequences that would fall on him if he was caught.

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    very right Ace IMHO..

    OJ .... what were you thinking? you are stupid enough to write a book saying basically .... "I did it" .... and then this?

    dude is on better drugs than I have ever found.

    man! taking his side ..... though not on it .... how stupid can you get?

    guy ran like the wind ...... thinks .....well like its the end.

    I just don't get it? if he's able to afford a lawyer that was able to get him bail ....... why rob or kidnap?

    i just don't get it ..... and I have a warped ... unstable mind
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