Many of the regular members here have been recieving quite a number of these requests for link exchanging with this group of 67 sites.

None of us are discounting that in order to get the link excanges, quite often one must sit down and take the time to look for exchanges....HOWEVER...

The exchanges that I have been getting from this group have become rather....anoying....

First...some of the requests are coming to email accounts that are not exactly PUBLISHED on any websites....they are coming to accounts that are "hidden" on web pages by java script. In order to get these accounts, the person must first visit the page, click on the link, and then they will see the email account.

On the pages that the account is hidden, my TERMS FOR LINKING are "clearly" defined, ut this person does not feel it is necessary to follow them.

Fine, if my terms are not followed on the sites that I define them...forget it, I won't even consider the link exchange.

The biggest problem I have with these exchange requests....not only am I getting NUMEROUS requests from this individual at NUMEROUS sites and email accounts....

...but this person has also SUBSCRIBED my accounts to some sort of mailing list...WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!

The mailer states, in order to unsubscribe from their mailing list I am to jump through a carefully design hoop....

NO!! Dave, in order for YOU to subscribe MY email must first jump through my carefully designed hoop....

OBTAIN MY PERMISSION FIRST!!! because without permission, all subsequent emails recieved will be treated as spam.

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