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    Default Online casinos in US may have to adjust player data handling under new bill

    US online casinos may soon face a national standard for online privacy and data usage. The proposed American Privacy Rights Act aims to establish a unified policy regarding customer information, potentially impacting how these platforms and their vendors operate. While specific adjustments remain unclear, the new standards would likely apply to online gambling operators, introducing a new layer of compliance for the industry.

    From Play USA:

    While itís too early to get into the minutia of exactly how online casinos and their vendors might have to adjust their practices, it seems obvious that the new standards would apply to at least the operators of those online gambling platforms.
    While the bill has not been formally filed in either chamber of Congress, a draft of the legislation1 has been worked up for members of Congress to scrutinize. Additionally, the billís sponsors have been publicizing their intent widely.

    A summary from the US Senateís Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation2 breaks the various tenets of the proposal down. US Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) is the sponsor in the Senate and the chair of that committee. From the summary:

    ďThis measure would establish national consumer data privacy rights and set standards for data security. The bill also would require covered entities to be transparent about how they use consumer data and give consumers the right to access, correct, delete, and export their data, as well as opt out of targeted advertising and data transfers. The measure would set standards for data minimization that would allow companies to collect and use data only for necessary and limited purposes and prohibit the transfer of sensitive covered data to third parties without the consumerís affirmative express consent. The Act would prohibit the use of covered data to discriminate against consumers and provide consumers with the right to opt out of the use of algorithms for consequential decisions.Ē
    With about five months left before voters determine the framework of the next Congress, there is some urgency. There is also some skepticism. At the same time, the billís sponsors tout support as well.
    Read more here:

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    Sounds similar to the EU GDPR that was launched in 2018

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    The bill will mean nothing if the banks, credit card companies, utilities, political organizations, and any other organization that collects email and other information is continued to be allowed to sell and trade the information they collect.

    The ability to sell or trade emails, social media identities will take many years before it is finally curtailed.

    The BS in privacy policies of allowing only trusted partners or affiliates bla bla bla only means, if the affiliate pays enough they are considered verified or trusted and get the data.

    I think it is about time we move toward some policy, but it should have been done years ago , and fix some of the holes seen in the GDPR.

    My theory (without proof) is that the casino industry likely trades such personal information far less than banks, utility companies and general online retailers. This is not to say they do not, but IMO more of them understand their might be more value to them to protect a higher percentage of those emails and other data.

    Also another caveat if the bill is worded improperly, they should be careful not to harm the data shared with the gamstop, gamban, cruks type organizations in the data they share in the interest of not causing additional harm or risk.


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