...only if CoinPoker would violate the laws of the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, etc. only in this case the project has a chance to exist.

Technically CoinPoker can do it. Will it do this team and the main "Advisor" - Tony G?

Online poker died, professional players destroyed it: special poker software(giving an advantage in the game) and rakeback, which reached an absurd 75%. So now is not profitable attracting simple players (fishes), because they can lose all money(deposit) just a for ten hands. More profitable method, just find the professional player at any limit of the game: tens and hundreds of thousands of hands per month will generate thousands of dollars in rake.

However, let's get back to Tony G and CoinPoker. I think Tony G has more rights to the project than just "Advisor". Here you can see his hand, the hand of the master, especially in the software. Everywhere 6x max tables, something it reminds me already?

What ... ah yes, T6poker!

Yes, yes, yes... Tony wrote about it: http://www.tonygpoker.com/personal-b...e-on-t6-poker/

However, still, some of my friends lost money in this room, when he turned into a scam: https://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/2...-fraud-312600/

However, why did I invest my Ethereum in CoinPoker?

No matter what Tony G a bad\good human(your choice), he is a good businessman, and always he came away without a scratch. So it will be now, I think in 2-3 years the project if it does not violate the laws of other countries, will simply die from a lack of inflow of new players and that the money of investors will run out, as it was with T6poker.

However, right now it seems not a bad idea, to unwind and engage in gambling in the crypto. So I bought chips from CoinPoker, and I intend to sell them when they have the biggest HYIP associated with the series of tournaments. The coin will soar, professional players will want to play with the fish - it will all be in March this year. At this point, I will safely sell my chips on some crypto exchange and look for new adventures.

In Scam We Trust. All the Scam like Mr.Dollars, Mr.Bitcoin and Mr.Life...

From: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/onlin...rust-batishev/