Travel around the world in 30 days
If you missed out last month, we are going around the world in October and would like you to join us! During the month of September, we will be giving away some of the mystery destinations that could win you travel vouchers, a fantastic cruise and even a hot air balloon ride.

Here's an example:

Around the World in 30 Days
Germany, Spain and France here we come!

Hi Alida

Spain, France and Germany – here we come! You will receive 3 entries into a draw for fabulous prizes for every new active player that you acquire at Jackpot City German Jackpot City French and Jackpot City Spanish during the month of October 2006 (Poker and Casino). To get you started, here is something interesting:

Neuschwanstein Castle has – as the only candidate from Germany – the chance to belong to the “New 7 Wonders of the World”.

The Eiffel Tower’s epic history recounted for its hundredth birthday. To celebrate the Tower’s hundredth birthday in 1989, a huge fresco retracing its first century of life was created.

Bullfighting as we know it today, started in the village squares, and became formalized, with the building of the bullring in Ronda in the last 18th century.

Join us now for a trip Around the World in 30 days during October 2006.