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    Default Owner of Phelps bong a poker pro

    Michael Phelps is a 14-time gold medalist and a budding poker pro. He also got in some hot water after a photo was released of him inhaling from a bong.

    After the police decided to stop investigating Phelps for a crime, you would think the story would fade away. And in the real world, it probably will.

    But in the gambling world, the story isn't dead yet. Because it turns out the owner of the bong is a poker pro. And a pretty damn good one at that.

    Carter King, who goes by the handle ckingusc, won the 2008 PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event and reportedly owns the bong that Phelps was caught with.

    From Poker News Daily:

    Late Friday night, King replied to a TwoPlusTwo thread entitled “Was ckingusc arrested? Did he try selling his bong on eBay?” His response to the two questions posed: “Were u dropped on your head as a child or are u intentionally being dense? Either way they should be closing the case vs mike. As far as the charges vs me i cant speak about but the penalties will be very minimal. This entire thing has basically proven to me that you cannot trust the media or the police if you stand in the way of their interest. also fwiw, no i am not dumb enough to actually try and sell a bong on eBay.”

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    Now that's funny....

    The Gambling World never ceases to amaze me.


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