Plucky bookie Paddy Power today announced details of a ground-breaking new betting initiative. In what’s described as a world first, “Eggycam” offers Paddy Power customers the opportunity to place bets on which of ten hens eggs will hatch first from a specially commissioned egg incubator.

All the action from inside the incubator, which will be located in Paddy Power’s Dublin HQ, will be captured by a webcam which will be streamed live 24/7 on the website

The eggs are provided by Wicklow based co-operative, the Amazing Egg Company. Each of the ten eggs were laid on Monday, 14 July and have been carefully kept in storage since. The eggs will enter the Paddy Power incubator on Friday, 18 July where they will be kept at a constant temperature, and will most likely hatch on 8 August 2008. However this is nature and the date could vary!

Of the ten eggs to go into the incubator, it is expected that about 6-8 will be viable, meaning 2-4 will be deemed non-runners (the cockerel wasn't doing his job properly that day!) On day ten, 28 July 2008, the eggs will be checked, and the unviable (infertile) eggs removed. From a betting point of view unviable eggs will be treated as non-runners and punters will have their stake refunded.

Paddy Power said ““This is a really eggciting initiative for punters. No longer will their bets be at the mercy of bad weather or human error, they simply put their money down and let nature take its course. Hopefully punters will get off to a cracking start and back the winner which will leave us shelling out a nest egg for all!”