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    Default Panther Casino ..."Apologies" to the Pogg ....

    Panther Casino and the Pogg had a misunderstanding on Friday .....and the Pogg was 100% correct.... and i was 100% wrong so I owe you a very since apology.

    .....I thought the issue your were bringing up was with the start burst that we have at the top the Panther Casino home page that is flashing stating that we have a 25 X roll over on slots

    I never realized at the time that your issue was with the start burst stock image that our designer had loaded in the mobile casino section of Panther Casino's home page ......and yes in hind site this image was a trade mark infringement with Netent and their starburst slot game.

    This image in question has now been replaced with a mobile casino image from Betsoft

    Thank you once again for bringing the trademark infringement to our attention and i do apologize one more time for my response back to you on Friday .


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