PartyPoker, once the online poker industry leader, has fallen on rough times of late. The company has lost business to competitors, and now it appears that PartyGaming will be cutting jobs soon.

Contrary to recent newspaper reports suggesting that all 320 staff in the company's Gibraltar office were involved in a 60-day consultation period that was expected to lead to 100 job cuts (click here), a spokesperson for PartyGaming said that any job losses had yet to be decided upon, and that the final figure would be "nowhere near" the numbers already mentioned.

However, the spokesperson did confirm that staff at the company's UK headquarters were also now involved in a 30-day consultation period.

Eventual cuts will come in the areas of customer support and IT located in Gibraltar, noted GamblingCompliance. Some customer support jobs will be transferred to Bulgaria, while IT jobs are likely to move to India. Also, some aspects of the finance department are likely to be affected.

"The market has shifted. We are on an unlevel playing field, and we are trying to compete," noted the spokesperson. "But the figure mentioned is nowhere near the figure being mentioned in the Gibraltarian papers."
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