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    Default PartyPoker affiliate dance? has some interesting reports on PartyPoker decisions with affiliates ...

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    Wow... One one hand I applaud them for actually taking a pro-affiliate fairness stand. And on the other side, I see this policy being abused and causing legit affiliates to lose money. Not to mention we all know they are going to keep the confiscated money in their own pockets.
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    Hi all,

    party and their casino skins have long been rip-offs IMHO and I'm not surprised at any of this.

    on the other hand .......ha ha ha to rakeback scum. anyone who participated in rakeback offers deserves what they get and I apologize ot no one for this opinion.

    two snakes in basket if you ask me.

    rakeback affs can claim all they want to that they were taking the high road but the fact is ....what if casino affs had done the same? where is the line drawn? at 10%, 5%?

    rakeback affs cut their own throats and ruined poker as a promotional aff product because frankly many smaller affs could not afford to give the rakeback, nor even the software it takes to keep track.

    Sorry folks. I feel sorry for no rakeback supporter who got hurt in this.
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    Party Poker had to do SOMETHING ... I've rejected them 3 times specifically quoting the rackback issue .. just like tens of thousands of affiliates

    And this is a good move for affiliates who actually generate new players.

    Of course the better solution would be to coninually re-tag the player with the original affiliate ID - no matter how many times they try to reinstall.

    oh .. and I agree rakeback scum simply steal players.

    I have no sympathy for their large negative balances - all that means is that they've been paid out for other peoples players.

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    Tough decision, and I am not sure where to stand on the issue.... But, I do agree with the above posts about rakeback... I do not agree with it...

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