Last night a lucky Pick 6 winner doubled their winnings to 152k by correctly selecting the correct score in the Pick 6 bonus leg last night. The player had staked just 8 to win 77k in the last week's Pick 6, this entitled them to 1 selection in the bonus leg (PSG v Chelsea). The 1-1 selection was made and came up trumps as PSG came back to salvage the extremely valuable draw!

The "Millionaire" is a 6 leg correct score pool offering a 1,000,000 prize for 6/6 winning selections and a further 1,000,000 bonus prize for 1 additional correct score selection. Anyone who has a winning Pick 6 ticket is eligible for a free bonus selection.

This player staked 50p per line, entitling them to win 250k win & 250k bonus as the unit stake of the pool is 2. It began perfectly with 3/3 1-1 draws to kick things off. It was at that point that via Colossus Bets' unique Fractional Cash-In offer that they were offered 3,271 for 100% of their ticket. At this point they chose to sell 70% of the ticket and bank 2,290....already a massive profit from just an 8 stake.

With the Cash-In made and 30% of the ticket still earned, the prize available now to win became 75k win & 75k bonus. If the ticket holder wasn't a Chelsea fan before, they are now. A last gasp winner against Everton secured the ticket 6/6 correct scores and the 75k win! Taking total wins to just over 77k.

A 1-1 winning selection in the bonus leg later and 152k from the original 8 stake was the total win on the pool.

If that wasn't a good enough story, with Colossus Bets' Affiliate scheme, anyone referring this customer would have won big with them. For Colossus Bets Affiliates earn revenue based on winnings as well as turnover! They receive the following:

5% of all wagers
2% of all Cash-Ins
2% of all wins.

So an affiliate who referred this winning customer would have earned 3,046.20 from this bet alone.

With over 14,000,000 of weekly prizes and more sports on the way in 2015, many more happy punters are likely to join this one in the coming months!