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    Default Pictures

    Is it possible to attach pics directly from my computer and upload them on gpwa server? It is both more convenient, faster and they will not disappear in future.

    Maybe I am missing something?
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    Anthony and I were discussing this yesterday actually.

    There were some recent updates to vbulletin and it seems to have slightly affected attachments.

    In order to insert one in a post, it works better in the advanced editor. (click on go advanced)
    Then click on Insert Image.
    Choose, from computer.
    I have found clicking on the basic uploader button seems to work better, and then browse to the image you want to post and select the picture, and then choose upload files.

    Name:  Untitled-2.jpg
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    Please make sure the image is not overly wide or really huge.
    Also, make sure no other code is attached in any way.

    Any images that are not on topic to the thread may be removed.

    If at any time this doesn't work and you really feel that an image is needed to make a point or back up some research or findings or whatever, let Anthony or I know and we can help get the image into the post for you.


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