Beginning later this month, ESPN and ESPN2, along with Sky Sports Mix and 7Sports, will broadcast 10 episodes of The Drone Racing League, so, to make things a bit more interesting for the viewer, Pinnacle has posted odds on the races.

According to an article on, the outright bet limit for this first event is $100.

Pinnacle Marketing Director Harry Lang says there is there is no way of accurately estimating the total amount of wagers until the company is able to evaluate the activity after the first Drone Racing World Championships event. He also says that Pinnacle, which is having its esports oddsmakers set the lines for drone racing, bears no more or less risk that it does trading the other sports that are offered. “As the old saying goes, ‘if you can see a bandwagon, you’ve probably missed it,’” says Lang. “Drone racing looks like a sport that could take off, we have the talent in the trading teams to set the lines, so why not pave the way?”
Here's a link to Pinnacle's odds:

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