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    Smile Player Database: Tons of email data worldwide - Increase your next paycheck!

    Today we will talk about Jairo.
    His original picture is public!
    If you have received something from him, then google for it.
    Jairo is not a good boy.
    I don't write his full name, that honest webmasters don't fall for this scam and that shabby webmasters don't will be a part of unethical practices like that.
    Jairo is selling data.
    Also email addresses are privacy data, because in many cases they contain real names.
    You know slogans like "Your email address will not be sold to third parties" if you click the submit button on a newsletter or something like that.
    Do you really believe?
    At any time?
    On any place?
    Many players do, full of confidence, and they are wrong.

    No, Jairo is not a good boy.
    He collected tons of email data worldwide.
    Don't aks, how.
    You know the answer.
    The data is stolen from former casino employees or purchased on the shady market of this industry.
    From the dark side of the Moon.

    Players from USA, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland , Norway, South Africa, Portugal, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Austria, and Switzerland will be offered like exploited street prostitutes, and Jaire, the virtual mack from the Netherlands, spammed a lot of programs and special webmaster portals the last time with his offer.
    We all know, that data like this is no general data or clean.
    There is no doubt, that the size of the illegal data is bloated like impure drugs.
    No doubt, that these illegal data is burned and used thousand times in the past.

    Ready for the next wave of spam?
    With burned but privacy data?

    We have had a sucker like that some years ago in Germany.
    His girlfriend has left him and is now living within earshot of his probation officer.

    I wish all people, who received Jairo's virtual prostitution offer, a wonderful day.

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