Be very cautious playing or just visiting any driven software. This would include Casino on Net, Pacific Poker and thousands of other sites. If the site states, “Powered by” close your browser immediately.

The fine line between Virus and Adware is tough to differentiate from. In any case a visit to any properties has the potential to compromise your PC’S security and stability.

These are my recommendations use at your own risk valid for Windows Me and XP. Sorry I have not tested vista as of yet.


  • Disable Your System restore
  • Make sure your Virus program is up to date
  • Go to Control Panel Uninstall if it was installed and remove
  • Reboot in safe mod by pressing F8 continuously until a black screen appears.
  • Select safe mod hit enter
  • Now run all full system scan delete or quarantine any know threats
  • Now hit start > run> regedit be very careful here here are the following reg keys you are looking for.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Uninstall\Casino-on-Net

  • Exit registry and restart
  • In normal mod rescan be sure the infection is gone.

Another option while in your registry > edit > find > enter delete those keys that are related to

Again be careful while in your registry!