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    Default Playing w/Bonus vs. No Bonus

    This post relates to MGS casinos and a slight, yet perceivable different in the software algorithms depending on whether or not you're playing with a bonus.

    I've played many times at many casinos, both with and without bonuses, and I'm coming to the conclusion that the software is set to allow more wins during bonus rollovers. This might be obvious to some. You might say "duh, how else are you gonna turn over a deposit+bonus 30 times!?!" I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed, and which way you prefer to play.

    There are probably pros and cons to both routes... like if you do opt for a bonus (& the 'bonus luck') then you have more chances of winning. However, you also have to turn it over more times, thus a higher chance of busting.

    Personally, I like to be able to do a cashin at any time, and not have to keep track of where I'm at in regards to the rollover. Nothing is more frustrating than being up $800 and then finding out you're only halfway towards cashin. (Guess which way your luck is headed?) Also, do you know how much time it takes to do a $4500 rollover playing $1-$2/spin on the video slots? Frickin' marathon session! I like to play 2-3 hours tops... not all day. gotta roll me the tumblin' dice...

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    I've had the same thoughts from time to time, and depending on my mood at the time, handled it different ways.

    I do prefer to play w/o bonuses for the same reasons you mentioned. However, if the bonus is good enough, and at a casino I like to play, I'll go for it. But, knowing the more you deposit, the more playthrough is required, I spend less than for a deposit w/o a bonus.

    Usually, if my luck isn't running, I leave for a few hours, and come back. If still no luck (and I have chips left), I'll do this again, until the chips run out, or I have a good run. I've cashed out more doing this. But sometimes I just play

    Also, I've had some really good luck playing bonuses as well. Besides that, some casinos now have the "EZ Bonus", where you don't have to complete wager requirements to cash out. Makes a big difference. If the amount in your cash balance is greater than your deposit plus bonus, it makes sense to cash out, no matter how much bonus you have left. It goes to zero, but so what? You're still ahead on that deposit.
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