GR88 (SBR note D as for now) has confiscated over 4000 from Polish player.

In short:
GR88 confiscated money saying player is not allowed to place bets on the same event (Liverpool - Swansea and Elche - Villarreal; bets create within few hours, not bet by bet).
GR88 claims it's a violetion of T&C 9.6 rule (current 9.7), which is totally unfair for customers:

Where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selections(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, GR88 reserves the right to make bets void or withhold payment of returns pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation.

I published post with screens on my blog in Polish, but there are some staff in English.
I am putting translation from google translate too:

There are more complaints:

I know they are paying much for new clients.
Please consider are you willing to join to their unfair procedures of stealing money?