I'm happy to announce that e-Gambling Market has signed on as a Silver sponsor!

Here is a bit of info to get you started:
e-Gambling Market is the affiliate program for Rois Casino. This brand launched in 2007 and has just begun really pushing their name, so it has the advantage of providing something fresh for your players. They have a very unique system for their tiered revenue share offer -- the commission is determined based on actual losses but the rate you receive is based on how much your players bet, which means the tiers are actually much easier to climb up than they appear. For example, the first step up in commission rate occurs when players bet a total of $10,000, but assuming a game with a 5% house edge this would average to achieving an increased revenue share with only $500 in player losses. The site is available in both English and Russian.

Geographic restrictions: Rois Casino accepts players worldwide.

Affiliate Managers:
>> Roman Khrustalev (Director) - His GPWA nickname is e-Gambling Market and he can be reached via email at roman@e-gamblingmarket.com or via ICQ account number 439451996.

Signing up or Additional Info
To sign up, just fill out the program's registration form.
Or, for additional information about the program, visit the e-Gambling Market affiliate program overview or their affiliate program forum.