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    Default Poker Host may leave Microgaming

    According to Poker News Daily, the online card room Poker Host might leave the Microgaming Network to move to a network that accepts U.S. players. Doyle's Room made a similar move earlier in the year after it left Microgaming for the Cake Poker Network.

    When asked about deposit and withdrawal options for players who make their homes in the United States, Poker Host Customer Service responded, “Just to avoid misunderstanding, I want to let you know that we’re not accepting new U.S. players at the moment, but we will be pretty soon… Like in one or two weeks at the most.”

    In November, the Microgaming Network ceased taking new real money sign-ups from the United States. The decision followed a move to halt new registrations from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, where pending legal action would have potentially resulted in the forfeiture of both and Both were singled out in the case involving 141 internet gambling domain names.

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    One has to wonder if Microgaming is changing it's position on American players.
    Why do I say this?
    Look at this thread and connect the dots... now that would be great news for our industry! Perhaps I'm being overly optimistic but we could all use some positive news for a change.
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    Unless Pokerhost changes their affiliate backend and actually starts providing USABLE stats to affiliates, changing software will just not be enough....

    I wonder too if MGS now considers leaving the US a mistake.

    I also wonder if they know that even returning immediately, they will likely NEVER get back the exposure they used to have....some yes...but never all of it.

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    From memory, when Tusk imploded on itself, I think MGS lost 10% of their network for a brief period as players moved across to other networks and other rooms.

    You really gotta wonder where MGS is going with their poker product.

    Anyone have any idea where MGS sits on most used casinos and most used poker network?

    I dont mind their casino software.

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