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    Default Poker Players Making Republicans Hear their Voices

    Good story in the Las Vegas Sun about how poker players are voicing their opposition to the section of the Republican party platform that includes the attempt to ban Internet gambling.

    Go to the Republican Party’s Web site and start scrolling through the responses to the platform. You will see an army of poker players arguing it is time for Republicans to end their opposition to gambling online.

    “Being a lifelong Republican, I was both dumb-founded and dismayed that the Republican Platform includes a specific directive against Internet gaming,” Steve from Georgia writes.

    “Whoever decided this was a good idea should’ve thought twice because this does nothing but take away every American’s right to spend their own money in their own home as they see fit.”

    Jack in Texas writes: “The GOP stands for Freedom from Government Oppression. Stating in our platform that we are against Internet gambling or any other form of government controlled gambling (Casinos) just puts more restrictions on Freedom of the People.”

    And so it goes.

    The 1 million-member Poker Players Alliance is waging the write-in campaign as it tries to encourage Republicans to reconsider.

    At a minimum, the group wants the Republican Party to remove the language from the platform. In a perfect world, the poker players would persuade the party to support what the group wants — regulating and licensing online gambling.

    That’s a long shot. Even the most ambitious gamblers know getting Republicans to publicly support them is not a safe bet. The party has been led by social conservatives for 25 years, and “values voters” and religious groups have pushed Republicans to take a harder line against gambling as a social ill.

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    Default Article

    Thanks for posting the article, very interesting.


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