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    Question Poker site revenues

    There are a few poker affiliates on this forum. I wanted to ask, how they compare their poker revenues with casino and sportsbook. The air is usually filled up with "most people are looking for fish," type observations. Was wondering if it were really true, why would there be high competition in its affiliate space.

    Thank you.

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    I don't really know how our poker revenues compare to sports and casino affiliate revenues because we don't operate any sports or casino related websites.

    WRT searching for fish. Yes, we definitely target keywords that would attract recreational players. At the same time, rec players tend to make very little money. A pro player who puts in thousands of dollars a month in rake is the best type of customer on an individual level, hence why we offer rakeback. However, if professional players is all you deliver as a poker affiliate, then sites don't like you (it is not like the old days).

    And yes, the competition is stiff. For example PokerStars owns PokerNews and has a link budget I can't pretend to wrap my mind around. And then there is Catena Media fueling acquisitions left and right with debt, overpaying writers and for sites themselves... and buying links, as well as interlinking all their websites for SEO.

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