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    Lightbulb Polls now have their own forums!

    Earlier this month Nandakishore suggested we might want to place polls in their own forums:

    Quote Originally Posted by Nandakishore View Post
    I think the poll is a very effective, transparent and democratic instrument of GPWA for creating and circulating some very useful information ... however, at present it is also difficult to access past polls. Use of the search function is the only way of doing it, but I think it would be more practical, not only for newcomers, to have the poll topics and results at a glance if we had an extra forum for polls. That might even help to increase the poll participation rate.
    There was strong support for such a change, and so CityGuard implemented the suggestion last week:

    Quote Originally Posted by CityGuard View Post
    I've created Polls sections for both the public area and private area, and now moved almost all the polls into these areas. Based on the way I was moving them there are a few exceptions to the principle of moving them all into one place -- I didn't move polls that are intended to make a point rather than ask a question (i.e. polls with only 1 option). I also tried not to move polls related to advertising, and left those in the Other Marketing Offers, Casino/Sportsbook Advertising sections, etc. (although, not surprisingly, a number of those polls would have stayed in place based on only have one answer... "Yes, I think your product is awesome. "). I closed a few polls that had no ending date but were for time-specific / context-specific questions raised a long time ago.

    The other major thing to note is that I only dug through the thread presently in the public and private forums, and did not go through those that had been archived. The public polls section contains most of the polls from that area. The private polls section leaves two categories of polls out -- membership application polls will stay in the prospective new members section when they are being considered and will be moved to the application archives when completed, and votes to determine whether a webmaster or portal is disreputable will be kept in the section designated for that. I also left the one about starting the seal of approval program in the section about the seals.
    I'd like to thank Nandakishore for the suggestion and CityGuard for handling the implementation. And I hope everyone finds the new separate poll forums to be a good idea.

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