The PPA has been criticized quite often by posters on the 2+2 poker forums, but John Pappas, the new executive director of the PPA, is attempting to mend the relationship. Buzzy always knew that it was a good move to hire this guy.

The PPA has been criticized on these pages for inactivity and unresponsiveness. I will not comment on the validity of these claims, but will give my assurance that there will be an improvement in both areas. I think it is important to note that when the UIGEA was signed into law last year the PPA pledged to our membership that we seek legislation that would exempt poker from the law. The PPA delivered on its promise. Through our hard work, education and grassroots advocacy Rep. Robert Wexler introduced H.R. 2610, the Skill Game Protection Act, a bill which exempts poker and other games of skill from the UIGEA and also clarifies the WIRE Act to ensure poker is not included in DOJís overly broad enforcement of the law.

We have also been the leading force behind the Barney Frank bill, H.R. 2046, the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act. Through our efforts we have secured numerous bi-partisan cosponsors. Some of this success can be attributed to our grassroots letter writing and call campaigns which have resulted in tens of thousands of PPA members contacting Congress. The PPA and its lobbying team have spent a considerable amount of time on Capitol Hill personally educating lawmakers and staff about the benefits of a regulated Internet poker industry. We are making tremendous progress, but this is a process and overnight success is a hope, not a reality.
Part of winning a fight is getting the people who agree with you to actually work with you. Buzzy wishes Pappas the best.

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