Washington State lawyer and member of the PPA, Lee Ruosso, who had campaigned on the issue of Internet gambling regulation, has dropped out of the race. However, it appears that his case against the state's Internet gambling law, that makes it a felony to gambe online, is moving ahead.

From CardPlayer.com ...

Rousso dropped out after a United States Supreme Court ruling forced changes to Washington State’s election law. When Rousso filed, the election rules sent one person from each party’s primary to the main election. Rousso was counting on attracting “crossover” voters from the Republican party who were angry with Gregoire’s policies. But since the March ruling, election rules changed the primary to a “top-two” format, meaning the top-two vote getters, regardless of their party affiliations, now advance to the general election.

“It basically cut me off at the legs in terms of my campaign strategy,” Rousso said. “I will concede I was a bit of a long shot to begin with, but there’s difference between being a 100-to-one shot and being a 1 million-to-one shot, and I did not mind being a 100-to-one shot. If I was a 1 million-to-one shot, it would look like I was just a protest candidate or a gadfly, and I wanted to run as a serious candidate, so, if things fell in to place, I would have a chance of winning.”

Another reason he withdrew was because his case challenging Washington State’s law that makes it a class C felony to gamble online or play online poker is advancing.

Rousso is arguing that the law is unconstitutional, and after months of court inaction, the case has picked up speed. He had a preliminary hearing Friday and said he is confident that the judge will give him his day in court. The ruling is due any day. If the judge sides with Rousso, that day will be May 15.